Sunday, 4 September 2011

Lady's day out

Few circumstances led her to stay away from home for a mere two days and it taught her quite a lot. A learning about appreciating what one has in life and be satisfied at, nevertheless not meaning not to aim for a higher purpose. The experience showcased what all good things she has for herself, a safe shelter to reside, good clothes and what not! One among these homosapiens with a 10 feet long tongue when it comes to food and doesn't compromise if any of the taste buds isn't ok with, now knows how fortunate she is to have the food come to her place, dawn and dusk.
I once remember my friend sharing with me one of her acquaintance's issues with life and her continuous struggle which made me wonder why God doesn't help these good hearted humans at big life crisis. And whilst I posed the same question to my pal, the answer was, "She has a whole lot of things to sort out, but she should learn to appreciate what she has got first and try to be happy". And, that is right!
Fascinated by the workings of the mind, one of my constant thinkings is, how the brain chooses to ignore the good and fortunate things it has got and prefers pondering over what it has missed or unlucky at! But by being consious over such popping thoughts, I guess, we can push ourselves into happiness, for our own sake.
Today, I too have taken a resolution to praise all the good ones I own and move ahead towards my destiny.

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