Friday, 12 August 2011

Good old(?) childhood memories

There are days when you hear a song at radio at your desk, mobile or even on the roadside and you keep humming it through out the day. There have also been times when some song suddenly creeps into your mind with no reason. And trying to look from where it entered into your mind leaves you perplexed. There is one such a song that has been getting spilled from my mouth for almost a complete day or two. The number I am talking about is one from the doordarshan era, the title song of the renowned serial 'Shaktimaan'. There is no peculiar reason for why I loved the song and I can remember few lines of it even now.
While I hum the song I am dragged to the fantastic days of my childhood which was worrilesss, a period of dreams and hopes even during most of the hardships, to add to it. Though I was not an ardent follower of television or cinema (and yes, even at present!), I watched the drama as and when I could and I am a fan of the hilarious Gangadhar. I have patted myself to be lucky for having got a sheet of Shaktimaan lables, which I stuck to my notebooks with all happiness in the world. I can recall profoundly my peeping into kitchen from outside its window during ads, while my lovable mom made the delicious appalam. The soul in me sought the best out of everything and was totally carefree, whilst persuing what it wanted. And the same soul still lives on.
The dreams of the soul have altered now, but its spirit still prevails as youthful as it was then. I am one of the kind to be blessed in finding pleasure in the simplest of things and believe that simplicity is the root to happiness. I dare doing what my heart says, success and failure never matter. It is a dark path that I am traveling, but I am sure to overcome the obstacles and reach where I want to be, in near future. If there is light at the end of the tunnel, I hope to reach it, here and also at the 'other' side. Eventually, I hope to find who I am.

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