Monday, 22 August 2011

My favourite Deccan Chronicle

An avid reader of Deccan Chronicle, quite fascinated by its new look and its inspirational words of the Sunday Chronicle, is the latest me. To track down the jumble quiz most of the days and to spot the six differences in a complexly resembling pair of pictures actually keeps me high every morning. These are simple tricks to keep your profile high, I discovered recently. Along with that, last few days have run with me immersed in the most adventurous 'If tomorrow comes' by Sidney Sheldon. All these years a thought had prevailed that Sydney Sheldon's writings are not of my 'type', so I never volunteered to try it. Tied by the boredom that usually follows after a hectic and tiresome preparation for exam, I found myself with the book which kept me completely occupied for two days and I loved Tracy Whitney's adventures. It must have taken the author much of an effort for such creativity, not to mention his vocabulary skills.

Was quite surprised coming to know of the fact that a burning candle has millions of diamond nano particles in its flames but one could not extract diamond from it as it is converted into some carbon chemical in less than a fraction of a second. This now comes to a conclusion that, sadly, this information won't quench the diamond thirst that now arises. However, as mentioned in the column, this knowledge would change the way we would look at the flames of the candle, forever. Yesterday when the power was off at night, I could see the nano particles flaming at my home too :P.

Read an interview with the intellectual NRN and it has motivated me. It is astonishing to hear when he says that he never got a first rank at school and the highest one he got was the second. He also speaks of his yardsticks for happiness, dreams and why he didn't build a 27 storeyed mansion which any successful businessman of a gaint company would have dreamt of. It is time that we stopped running behind ranks, grades et all and focus much on creating better human values, a better society.

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