Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Aren't You Curious?

Nothing could be so strange as human beings in our bluish planet. At times we and our involuntary actions are so cranky and puzzling, which probably indicate that a lifetime is not enough to explore ourselves. Curiosity - to say one. I think curiosity is a part of reflex action, about which I shall illustrate here. So go ahead, feel it all and if you hadn't given a thought on such a thing so far, make sure you observe yourself right from the next time.

Here it goes -

You need to get a book and you step in to a library or a book shop. Assume you know what you need to buy/get. An unknown person next to you is on the look out for say some novel or a magazine irrelevant to what you are looking for.  Now, aren't you curious to turn your head or atleast struck with a  sudden small wish to know what they are searching for? Not necesarily a book shop. Could be a shopping mall, a grocery shop next to your door or anything of that sort. While we know what is required for us to get from a store or whatever, why are we so curious to know about others?!

You have boarded onto a heavily rushed train/bus and with luck wind having blown towards your favour, you got a seat, of course, with an unknown companion right next to you. Before you begin to breathe casually, try searching for something inside your handbag, bag or a purse even if you know it is not worth it. Next step - Be sure to notice that your co-traveler is gazing at you or peeping inside your bag from a distance, curious enough to know your pursuit! And the moment they find it out, there is a almost a sense of satisfaction! But then you were just intending to get something out of your own kit! So why this curiosity with others?

Again, during a short journey, just after you get seated, imagine that your phone rings. You pick it and answer the call. The person nearby has heard your voice as you begin to speak. Yes, now as you would expect, he/she can not wait to turn towards you and see your face. Curiosity to link voices with faces?

All these are just samples from day-to-day lives and a lot more could be listed if we consciously notice such petty things. These are merely weird reflexive actions left unobserved most of the times. So next time, you go out and if you catch similar experiences, feel funny if not amused and do remember to remember this post!

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