Sunday, 20 November 2011

Pirate Coelho

Through mouth-word had I come to know of the inspirational writer Paulo Coelho and his works. Years ago, that was. The Alchemist, Brida and The Witch of Portobello, to name a few by this passionate human. When words about his books had hit my ears, an immediate mental note was recorded in my head that I must read them all someday. An international bestseller, The Alchemist has won accolades and is the first book to have been translated to over 35 languages, if my memory is flawless. Having heard never-ending praises for this book, I couldn’t wait to grab a copy of it.

I did not strain myself to purchase it from the bookshops when I could get it from a library, though I have always noticed it flamboyantly shining on the display at the book vendor’s and had had a deep wish to read it. Once the book was handed to me at the library, I was little puzzled at the size of it, comparing it to the giant reputation it had gained. Perhaps, size of a book need not always be directly proportional to its popularity, I felt. I flipped through its pages, had a glance and reconciled with myself that I should proceed with the read. Back home, I began to read it with all interest and there was this appealing phrase which was close to something like ‘The entire universe conspires when you truly desire something’. The intended meaning was, when you really dream of something, the whole universe comes all your way with open hands and guides you in getting your wish fulfilled. True and very much inspiring.

The pages were swiftly turned and as I advanced to around 40th page, an indefinable hurdle struck and I couldn't continue reading due to a sense of blockage which hindered my reading further. And I didn't want to stop reading either. I persisted and moved forward until I reached 50th page and after that, nooooo... I just couldn't. I closed the book for time-being, hoping that I would be able to catch up from where I had stopped. Flop! I inexplicably and irresistibly felt that such writing style doesn’t suit me. I remember the sentences being too short and hence weren’t too occupying. Not very keen to engage myself with something that didn’t impress me, I gave up reading. The book was returned to the library without any delay. A book of massive fame, not for my average persona.

A year later or so, I read Brida and another book of his whose title no more exists in my brain, which, to me, proved a better reading. But then there was this little concern and tiny lament of still having not read The Alchemist. All that had remained in my memory was a vague outline of the story. Naturally, once the book was out of sight, the story was out of mind. Not completely, though. But the wish to read it prevailed as always. To add to it, more often than not, I kept hearing praises on it and I borrowed it from the library yet another time. Nope. It didn’t work this time too. Incidentally, my full-stop to reading it for the second time was at the same page again. And once again, as you would expect, I gave in to give up the read. I no longer long to read it anymore, although, I wish to know how the rest of the story goes. However, until now, it hasn’t happened for me to come across someone remembering the story. Blithely, I still wait to hear what followed next.  

Nonetheless, I must proudly admit that I was intensely impressed by the philosophy of this author. And I believe that he preaches only what he practices. The abstract on him that I read long back had pointed out how Paulo crossed the various hindrances that he stumbled upon, to follow his passion of writing. A man of dreams and kudos to him!

With a common knowledge that any author is fervent towards saving his/her creations from piracy, would you believe that Paulo Coelho wholeheartedly permits piracy of his books? Really. He trusts that piracy takes his works to millions of people which would result in only increasing the sales of his indigenous collections. And I strongly second his opinion that an elongated e-reading can never equal the pleasures of reading a book as such. Dramatically, he elucidates that the more people read pirated versions on the web, the more they would want to possess an original copy. With all these into consideration, Paulo Coelho has set up his site ‘Pirate Coelho’ and according to him, all of his books are available in it. So, what are you waiting for!! Go ahead, have an enjoyable e-reading and oh, don’t forget to seize the original versions! And do let me know the story of The Alchemist, without fail!! :P

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  1. The story of alchemist in a single line - Follow your dreams whatever it takes....