Tuesday, 20 March 2012


About to get back to normal routine very very soon and I am so unsure if I am going to love it or not. I am therefore leaving it all at God's feet. Mainly, I don't want to quit writing of any kind that I have been doing recently. I want to pursue, I want to pursue and I am not willing to make it all turn a thing of past. Hopefully, my perseverence will lead me towards my small goals. Otherwise, I am so amazed at how time can pass so quickly before we could blink. Perhaps it had been looking that way as I was doing what I wanted to do in my life. One of my childhood dreams. And I was literally living my dreams!

Had been a while since I blogged though I wanted to write about lots and lots. Infact, to blog frequently is one of my resolutions for this year, to follow throughout in future too, I mean. And oh, I forgot to mention the conversation I had recently with a foreigner. She incidentally happened to be a french native and when I listened to her speaking in french with her pal, I couldn't restrict myself turning to her to have a chit-chat. Of course, she was equally excited as me, having found someone who could speak her language, which is very, very rare. We discussed and shared our thoughts about food, lifestyle, family, education and everything. A conversation that lasted for almost half an hour after which I had to head to my home. Much more to this event, I admired if I could speak that much spontaneously in a language that I have been learning for quite a time. That made me super contented, not to mention her appreciating my language too.  A memorable and unexpected experience, a dream come true!

I happened to watch two french films, Jean d'Arc and La Famille de Wolburg, of which I adored the former. The latter seemed bit annoying and out of substance to me. Tongy if I named it right, is still in queue. I also felt lucky to attend a student exchange program thereby realizing one of my childhood dreams. Apparently, my ambitions are getting realized with time and I must say, I'm happy about it. Erstwhile, I am looking forward to buying more books, read a lot and continue writing. And the biggest hope is I should not forget whatever I had learnt until now. And I wont, because I love it. I absolutely love it and therefore it will never fade away from my mind. So are my experiences all these months. I have met adorable, different people from various walks of life, learnt a lot personally.

So, these are my pending updates, my dear blog. Catch you soon with my other news that God has for me in pipeline. For now, logiciel and The Women's Era of Delhi Press are inviting!

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