Monday, 26 March 2012

Unanswered Questions

Recently I was impressed by a weekly column in a newspaper, which was a translated extract of Paulo Coelho. The article suggested handling a white sheet of paper to school kids and asking them to pen down any kind of questions they had, about the world and our existence. They were requested to write them as it would give them better chances of thinking and a deep concentration. The list of common questions was also published in the article and surprisingly did it turn out that most of the questions were simple, yet at times unthinkable even by scholars.

One of those questions that awestruck me was, 'If we are really born to die, why are we actually born?'. An interrogation to which no one can render a provable answer. But it is something worth thinking, to reflect upon. Truly, if death is the end of everything, what difference our birth makes to ourselves and to this bluish earth, or rather the entire, ever expansive universe? Why are we really born? What is our true purpose? Where is the undiscovered truth hiding? When will the battle between scientists and theologists draw down? When will the frontiers between atheists, the agnostic and the faithful diminish if at all will they will ever be erased? What is the essence of life? Scientists, astronauts and theologists have all their own confessions and discoveries but has the dispute towards reasoning of our presence ended? Are our lives preplanned and this is only the execution phase? What/who will palpably describe the sanctity of life and death and of God and Angels? Thousands of questions flicker in my mind. Luckily and gladly, most of them have been answered by Dr.Brian Weiss in his books and through his works, nevertheless, as quoted by the doctor himself, one can never find an absolute and totally satisfying proof.  In any case, through his works, we have hit a huge milestone. A great and continuous accomplishment in digging the secrets of life hole. Kudos and my respects to him, any moment. Hopefully, more undisclosed answers to life would be revealed to us by the Masters.

My memory goes back to school days. I was pretty sharp then and was actively participating in all sorts of programmes like singing, playing roles in drama while excelling at studies as well. One of those times came a chance to take part in a small contest by a computer academy, in which, upon dialing a number, a question would be asked and for the right answer you will be gifted with a prize. When the eager and enthusiastic me pressed the number, much to my excitement, the question was, 'Who is the first Indian woman to land on the space'. Happy at the question came the prompt response from me, 'Kalpana Chawla'. Voila, for being correct, I received a lovable cool crimson red glass plate. Ever since then the fan count of the intelligent astronaut increased by one. I remember reading later, an interview of hers once she returned from space in which she was asked how she felt to see earth from the space. And she had replied, "Our earth looks so bluish and beautiful from outside. What saddens me is that we have kept our planet untidy from inside." True, our planet mother doesn't deserver such a treatment. I was amazed by this woman. As time passed, needless to mention, I was one among those deeply upset on her unexpected demise when the space shuttle crashed. At that tender stage I couldn't stop thinking how it would feel to die at space! What would she have felt at those moments? Was she destined to die high from earth and if so, did she realize it sooner or later? Where did she go from there? Was such a death equivalent to that 'on earth'? Or did she deserve some extra edge for this demise? Will she ever come back and after her return, will she be aware that she has travelled and explored the space? Will her destiny continue from where it was left in her previous lifetime? To my greed, will she ever know I have these questions deep at heart?

Back to present. I have been struggling to remember the days of a week in French. Les jours de la semaine - Lundi, Mardi, Mercredi, Jeudi, Vendredi. (Forget Samedi and Dimanche, they are easier to recollect.) The main problem I knew I had was to relate those days with the equivalents of English, though I never attempted to translate and learn. Once a thought stuck as to how a week is usually related to planets. Tamil, for instance. It was astonishing to know that the same is applicable for French as well. That is, the name Lundi is related to the term Lunar(thingal in Tamil), Mardi to Mars (Sevvai), Mercredi to Mercury (Bhudhan), Jeudi to Jupiter (Vyazhan) and Vendredi to Venus (Velli). My questions begin then and there. Why are the days associated with planets? What is the significance of it? Remembering the days have now become easier for me, still, will/can anybody get me the answer(s) for these questions? I would be grateful to those who make it all clear to me.   

Having shared all these, today, Jupiter and Venus have come far closer to the crescent moon, brilliantly and spectacularly shining. How I wish someday, the answers to my questions would come closer to me too and enlighten the sinful soul in me!


  1. In life, certain questions need to be left unanswered! That is necessary for us to firmly believe that there is a powerful hand behind our creation.

  2. Yes, agree.. Thanks for stopping by to leave a comment.. Keep reading!