Tuesday, 15 May 2012


Just a mundane post though I wanted to write about a lot. It has been quite a time since I sat down for a soulful writing but believe me, my time has been utterly worse. I wish to jot down my experiences with few people, equally good and bad and how I have been doing of late. Few of my acquaintances making me feel low with or without their talks, one friend lighting up my eyes and spirit with her good deeds and much more.. Also wanted to write on those incidents I had had months back with a lady who claims she is spiritually inclined while there are no signs of it in her normal doings. That only increased my irritation which is in other cases undeterminable is. With all these pending to be scribbled on my blog, I go blank all of a sudden which is probably 'coz my life has been strolling downhill these days. My bad!

Whatever I had planned and supposed would happen turned topsy-turvy. There is a constant feel now of being locked in a dark room with no way out or a helping hand. This is a sad phase that has drained me in and out. Rather, a blank phase wherein I am completely indecisive and in the worst case, not knowing what I want or what I should do. There are too many questions answerable by only time/God/destiny though there are people who genuinely care for me. So I choose to wait. Happy that I am able to atleast decide on this. Few years back, once I was telling my friend that I would soon come to a decision on my personal and professional life, on what I want from life or what I would do in life. It was like hitting my head hard when she responded, "Personal and professional - There are only two lives for anyone my dear". This phrase stuck a blow on me affecting me deeply 'coz in a sense it was true and I remained confused in both aspects. Years have crossed and the question still remains. No answers could be found by the insane me. Time must disclose its secret holdings someday or the other.

There was a post from a friend on his first wedding anniversary which made me wonder how fast time flies doing its job perfectly. Looks as if we just attended his wedding ceremony. Otherwise my blank state is perpetual and as soon as I turn ok, there would be my next post and I just anticipate that it isn't very far from now. Wishing myself a very good luck! I shall terminate this post with a quote that I always consider it is written FOR me by Dr.Weiss. As it goes, 'Patience and timing is very important. A life cannot be rushed, cannot be lived in a schedule as many people want to. Everything will come when it must come.' 

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