Sunday, 20 May 2012

What I would do this Summer!

In Chennai, there are only three seasons – Hot, Hotter and Hottest. Strike out Winter, Autumn and Spring. While the sun is scorching aggressively and there are no signs of rain showing its face even though weather forecasts at times jabber about those showers waiting to drench us with its kindness, I am sitting here alone, thinking what I could do to make this summer worthy although I know I can’t totally beat the summer. I have never been out ever since Agni Nakshatram, out of fear for the soaring temperatures and also finding it very annoying to go out alone. Considering how the condition of our environment is declining and deteriorating, someday, we would inherently have no other choice than to sit at home. Looks like I’m having a rehearsal for it. But total disaster, I suppose is still a long way, thanks to those associations and organizations striving to bring about a much greener world.  

I think I have deviated a bit. Cut to what to I would love to do this summer. Just as I long to have some quality get-away as to get a respite from the red giant, the mere thought that I am going to get a company to spend time outdoors, have fun, play volley ball and relax with a nice cold drink with a new friend renders a smile in my lips and a beam in my eyes. Yes, my new companion is Krya!

Know what, Krya is a Lakme girl, just like me. At this moment I should state that there has never been a day with me going out without a simple makeover with Lakme Magic Daily Wear Souffle. So, we both are Lakme girls, which by itself is an indication that we possess similar tastes! What else could be a better foundation for a blooming companionship?! Having said that, I need not explicitly mention that I would be more than happy to meet Krya, nurture a great friendship with her and of course, to roam around blithely.

I love meeting new people and as with any new friend, I would talk a lot – about my childhood, dreams, job, success, failures, future plans and everything. We would have an ideal day of sharing amidst all fun outside. I am also a good listener. I would pay attention to her talk keenly as she would share her set of experiences she had bumped into. One of my best interests just like anyone else to beat the heat is the beach. While we get along well, we would have a fantastic time at beach playing games as the chilly breeze whips ceaselessly. We would also gulp a whole lot of ice cream and chocolates thereby satiating our craving. And oh, shopping is also inviting! Inevitably, music and traveling a lot will also be in the cards. The plans and bliss would be endless, making this summer the best of all I have ever had!  

Subsequently, my dearest Rain, I will no longer pester you to visit us straight away, because, I am going to have unbeatably memorable day-outs with my new palJJ. Come lets go, Krya, my buddy, it’s time for us to enjoy the sunshine! Summer is calling!!