Sunday, 18 May 2014

Back Again

Life has been a roller-coaster ride for me all these months. Now looking at my blog after a really long time seeing the count makes me wonder if my blog site has truly garnered so many hits. Writing, in a way, had almost gone out of my mind; at times it even feels if I still possess the same passion for languages. Well, interests could change with time. But, not always. More than six months have run now and I have hardly written stuff. The very thought of penning struck as I was watching Sakshi, the actress filling up her journal in her tv serial. Never in my life all these years I have watched television serials, except for this one. I must admit I have become a fan of her acting skills.  That she portrays a character that I could easily relate myself to should be the reason, I suppose. A simple, independent and caring female facing all odds by herself is not too new to Indian cinema or tv, but this one is just amazing with all sequences and dialogues thoughtfully written. Back to track.

All these months have of course brought a bunch of changes professionally, although I am still the same. New people have entered into my life, or perhaps I have entered into their lives :P. Some random acquaintance has turned to be one of my best buddies, teaching me fun and care. Oh, and not to forget, I have of late been coincidentally meeting few of my school mates and it is nice to know how life has changed for each one differently, yet interestingly. Though I got to know some of their updates through fb and stuff, I don't actually hold any interest in socializing through such sites. It gave me immense happiness that even after a decade my school mates could identify me as much as I recognized them at a quick glance. :).

Notably, catching up with someone I truly respected and cherished made me ponder if I am that worthy of a person. I am still trying to be one. I also came to an understanding that certain things don't always change. You just can't change a person with a closed mindset. Yet, hope prevails that time might heal anyone. An uncontrollable defeat is at times inevitable, but that shouldn't be the end of your dreams. Easier said than done, I know! 

Otherwise, there has been some breathing time after months. I tried putting various efforts, some ending in vain. Patience is needed. May be I should wait. At times I question myself if my tolerance level has gone down. And then I pat myself telling, that happens and I will handle that. I can and I will. I am still indecisive with respect to future, but I am sure I would be guided in time. For now, I am grateful for everything that has happened. Thankful to God for making me believe that I too deserve to be blessed. There is still a long way, full of hurdles, ups and downs, but I am here to cross it all. Well, I am unsure if this post has made an interesting read, but it has actually read my thoughts. Time for a slumber and be back soon with other news!

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