Sunday, 26 April 2015

Hmm.. And all those happenings

Well, almost a year has flown before I start to write again. Now that I am in the West, the Occidental wind and weather has provided me with ample time and space to scribble all those happenings that I would very well wish to reminisce as and when my mind would will to wander in its own zone. The tight schedule of my learning and classes had kept me all busy and occupied leaving me no time to ponder over the good and the bad. Quite glad that I was able to accomplish some of my impending dreams that includes my level 4 (yeah, my hard work paid off ;) ) following more than two years of struggle and the much awaited travel.
The ultimate weekend of the course witnessed my camaraderie planning for a trip to Pondy that left me lil apprehensive of participating, given my tendency to feel withdrawn all these days. The last minute change of mind thanks to my delayed travel finally won the argument and I was all set for the  piqnique. So I had the opportunity to visit the formidable AF Pondy, the Consulate, the Ashram, the Mandir that bore a spherical shape with golden colored embellishments and the Samadhi. The tranquility of those places along with the cleanliness and the French architecture captivated me. Followed by a sumptuous meal, we started back by the same bus. The return trip was quite engaging unlike the morning one (which was full of the unimpressive 'I am so so' introductory bits), wherein my revered madame sat next to me chit chatting. Although I felt distant initially, I didn't have a problem managing the conversation. I was elated to hear her family (hi)story as well as to see those pics  of her family. As she narrated her brother's story I couldn't help myself think why certain things are unquestionable. Otherwise I was happy to let myself know of another family.
The next day I rushed to collect my attestation amidst all the railway mess and was happy to share a quick snack with the friends and bade them good-by. All of them wished me bon voyage. "Ayez un copain..", madame expressed her care. In response, my eyes drooped and lips smiled :). She must have observed some kind of helplessness in that gesture. Yeah.. I then quickly changed thoughts and  silently criticized myself of not knowing too many things to cook which resulted in a failed oath-taking :P. I felt touched when she gave a hug and heartily wished "Venez avec sourire". I will always cherish my days with the AF. Until the previous day my restricted senses didn't have the intellect that I would be flying so soon. All hurry burry started from that evening although I didn't let my purse leak too much ;) 
Apart from these, sadly some hard times have not found an escape route. The memory of a meet up with an elderly, especially, would never vanish even after ages.  It is very sorrowful that he (and of course, I) was not aware of his own time limitations as he uttered, 'the time is very short'. Maybe it was all sens-figure and I did not possess the intelligence to observe the hidden meaning. I ended up sobbing into my pillows most nights, not knowing who to blame. RIP, sir. May you find peace in the heavenly abode. I wish I had not met you. But then, life goes on!


  1. Nice.. Reading your blog after v long time Sudha :)