Thursday, 9 February 2012


Back to blogging with my first post of this year. With all the hustle-bustles of life I had almost forgotten that I own a blog and that I wanted to pen down as and when I was triggered to write. Not been into blogger for quite a time, now as I read myself my posts it looks as if the events have all happened yesterday.  2011 was a mixed year, I have had my own share of happiness, desires, sorrows, disappointments, the grief of missing loved ones, confusions and what not! A year filled with experiences to mould myself in and out. And before I could blink, a month has crossed in 2012! How time runs, hmm.. And it sounds interesting and a bit funny to re-read my own few posts and now I imagine how much would I have progressed/transformed in terms of thought processes and as a person as such if and when I go through all of my writings years later. To discover and rediscover what I was, I am and what I would be.. this is a neat platform. I hope and wish to continue writing! May blog keep me inspired and motivated! God bless!

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