Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Love - Lost & Found

I am not much of a poetry person, at least until now. Yet, there is something that I adore and would like to engrave on my blog. Here follows an excerpt from Only Love is Real by Dr.Brian Weiss quoting a poem of Victor Hugo.

And still her grief would not abate.
At last she bore another child, and great
Was the father's joy; and loud his cry: "A Son!"
That day, to thus rejoice-he was the only one.
Dejected and wan the mother lay; her soul was numb. . . .
Then suddenly she cried with anguish wild,
Her thoughts less on the new than on the absent child. . . .
"My angel in his grave, and I not at his side!"
Speaking through the babe now held in her embrace
She hears again the well-known voice adored:
"Tis I,-but do not tell!" He gazes at her face.

-Victor Hugo

The summary as I understand: The stanza brings out the grief of a mother who has lost a child and doesn't have the heart to come out of the sorrow even as she bears another son. As she laments, the new-born held in her hands confesses to the disheartened mother that it is the same soul that has come again. Reincarnation beautifully explained!

P.S.: I'm still trying to figure out to which poem of Victor Hugo's does this piece belong to. More of Victor Hugo's and other poets' collections are available at:

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