Thursday, 9 February 2012

Security As Such

Of late, I must say, certain undesirable happenings have forced me to think over the importance or perhaps the role of men in any woman's life, in general and to point it out straight- in terms of security. All these years I have never felt the uncontrollable adrenaline rush of noticing someone frequenting around your residence trying to capture a glimpse of what's in who's, let alone seeing a robber.

Twice has it happened that I came to casually note that 'someone' moving around at midnight and the sense of panic cannot be described in words. The ever-increasing pressures of economic conditions remain one of the main reasons for increase in thefts, not to mention the influence of films. Darn it.  By God's grace nothing serious has happened in our appartment as safety measures have been undertaken, yet questions keep popping in my brain's window on the security issues that still bothers women in our so called modern society. I repeat the nostalgic verses from my high-school prayer - My angels, protect me.

Having said that, anytime, it is an undeniable fact that the presence of men poses an increase in security irrespective of whether they are truly courageous or not and if they will really be of help in case of emergency or when in need. The mere presence of such a male, I guess, protects us to a great extent. I sense that, the much needed psychological feel of security is practically multiplied with a father/brother/husband figure.

I recollect that once we got stuck at a famous temple with no buses to catch at midnight. Thankfully came another family under similar situation and know what, with the aide of a woman, her entire family including her hubby and us, could catch an auto, chase a bus, successfully get into it and reach home back at that odd hours. All of this was led by a woman and the man in her family was nothing more than a simple presence. But as I imagine the situation without him, I could strongly relate that the already prevailing challege of getting back at untimely hours would have still become a bigger problem, had the gent not been there.

Although it is commonly worded that women are independant now-a-days, events such as these reinforce the necessity of a fatherly figure in the least of concerns. I constantly wonder what gave my mother the courage to bring her children up single-handedly and I consciously keep myself up and brave when insecurity raises its head at times. Nothing is totally new in this world and it is all to be faced, I tell myself.

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