Thursday, 16 February 2012

The Why Question

Ask a layman or a genious if the habit of questioning 'why' is a good sign and as most would expect, the reply would be a big 'yes'. In fact, many would stress that 'Why'-ing is an indication of curiosity, intellectualism, creativity blah blah and would commend you if you heed to it. It is all right, I agree, but not everytime and everywhere. To me, questioning is not always laudable, reasons being that it could often poke into a person's personal space or at times, the interrogated wouldn't have a convincible answer. Normally, I fall into the category of the latter, yet, rarely, I lose the interest to answer, too.

In most cases, I have been incessantly questioned when I get chance to meet strangers or people nearly strange. I am quoting from some of my day-to-day experiences I have had, just for a funny remembrance:

When I accidentally meet those to-be-friends, those relatives with whom I have lost touch for quite a number of years or those I am at the verge of forgetting, the first spontaneous chain of words from them is, 'So.. where do you work?'. I respond meekly, 'Xyz company'. (You may pounce at me that such happenings are common anywhere. But to me, a question is a question. The more the same question is asked, the more does it irk me.) And the conversation continues as:

He/She: Been in same company all these years?
Me: Yes
He/She: Why? No intention to move to this Abc company? The daughter of my neighbour's cousin's brother's... is working there.
Me: *Blink Blink*

He/She: How do you commute everyday?
Me: Train
He/She: Bus is more comfortable than train. Train generally is full of rush. Why do you go by train then?
Me: *Blink Blink* (Too impatient to even answer briefly)

He/She: Hey, didn't you travel abroad? My friend's son works for the same company and he has travelled some four times.
Me: Blink Blink.. Yeah (God knows what this yeah means).

Friend: How long have you been working?
Me: N years
Friend: N years!! OMG! You must have been so patient to have worked for these many years, aren't you?
Me. He he. Yeah, perhaps! 

Friend: So, what do you do? 
Me: I work in Xyz
Friend: Oh cool!! Then why are you participating in this programme? Why do you want to try this out? Why this.. and why that.. Why here.. why there...
Me: :| :'(

And the list goes on and on. All these might sound too corny but I am highly nagged to listen to the same questions over and over, especially to those I personally have no logical answers.Tell someone you are in a job and they ask you why this job. Or tell that you don't work right now and still you are asked why. Tell them you are married and you are questioned oh, why so soon. Or that you aren't yet and they ask you, what?, it's high time! My response to such inundated questions is just a simple smile as I don't have an answer myself to most of the ones posed at me. Probably one day I would rationally come up with a reasonable reaction. Until then, things would be just as they are. No reasons. No logic.

There was this saying by Pearl Bailey that I read once I was randomly googling - 'I don't really look forward to anything. I just wake up in the morning everyday and whichever way God turns my feet, I go.'. And that perfectly describes me!

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