Monday, 20 February 2012

Unsung Songs

While the not so new-fangled radio stations are blaring with those alleged hit songs, hundreds of songs from Tamil films are under-rated in my opinion. I list here few of the songs which are not heard too often but have stolen my heart:

1. Song: Poovinai thirandhu (The song is mesmerizing with Shreya Goshal's voice)
    Film: Anandha Thandavam
2. Song: Ennuyir thozhiye (A different composition by A.R.Rahman)
    Film: Kangalaal Kaidhu Sei
3. Molachu Moonu (I love it much)
    Film: Velayudham
4. Manasukkul manasukkul (Excellent composition)
    Film: Anjaadhe
5. Mazhaye mazhaye (Beautiful composition)
    Film: June R
6. Anbe endhan anbe (Moves me a lot)
    Film: June R
7. Thulasi chediya (Good one)
    Film: Seval

Some of the over-rated numbers in my opinion are:
1. Song: Sahara Film: Sivaji
2. Some of Ilayaraja's songs which I find to be terribly repetitive! (No offence meant)

P.S: I shall soon add more songs to the list and links to listen to them online.

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