Friday, 10 February 2012

Su Do Ku

How I detested it in the past and how I adore it now! Once there was this puzzle-solving session during my college days and I struggled to complete correctly even half of the Su Do Ku the prof gave. Highly amazed at some of my classmates cracking it in less than half an hour, I came to deciding then and there that this is not gonna be my cup of tea. Never. Ever since then I never bothered or volunteered to try it. So all these years, a strict no-no to Su Do Ku even if someone would offer me a crore to solve one easy puzzle. And more so, not even a head-turn from me on those appearing in the everyday newspapers, either.

Therefore it all remained the same until one fine day when my neurons worked overtime and sent (rather received?) a signal to try it out. I was so surprised at how I could do it too. Not to mention that all these days, I had consiously put myself behind and never let myself try the simplest of things. Today, things are upside down with it. I don't find a day complete without solving atleast two of it. Day by day, I am observing myself the improvement I show tremendously.

Practice makes perfect and hopefully someday I will reach heights with my writing, too. Still there are lots of areas where I would wish to lay my hands. The list never ends. However, glad, my thought processes are continuously improving and so am I. Kudos to myself, this time. I love Su Do Ku!

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